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40M ha

Engaged in our platform


Countries represented




Machines connected

Crop Health

Field vegetation monitoring

Satellite images of your fields every few days

Images history from 2013

Automatic alerts if vegetation index goes down

Planet Labs HR images

Get high–resolution images (3 meters per pixel) to see detailed pictures of a field

Close to daily image updates in addition to 2–3 images per week from regular satellite providers

Precise NDVI calculation and VRA maps creation

Synthetic NDVI

Almost 25% of all satellite images are useless because of cloudy weather

Get NDVI images of your fields even in cloudy weather using our Synthetic NDVI product

Planning & Operations


  • Crop rotation planning
  • Planning operations, labor and machines


  • Record all field activities: from seeding to harvesting
  • Automatic record of connected machine tasks
  • Monitor operations in a real–time mode


  • 30+ machinery & telematics brands connected, including John Deere, CLAAS, CNH
  • Automatic delivery of machine tasks
  • Automatic import of machine tracks, yield maps, etc.
  • Monitor fuel consumption, speed, track in a real–time mode

Warehouse and Stock Management

  • Manage Crop Protection Products, Fertilizers, Seeds stock
  • Automatic write–off of inventories to fields during agri operations completion
  • Calculate inventory needs
  • Harvested yield management


Create scouting task — Scouting Tasks web and mobile

Mobile App to navigate on a field and create a field report — Scouting Report App

Agri recommendations — Recommendations

Try Cropwise Operations for free

Try Cropwise Operations for free


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Unlimited fields

Unlimited users

Crop Health

  • Real–time crop condition monitoring
  • Standard satellite imagery, since 2013
  • Synthetic NDVI
  • Field History
  • Harvest Forecast and Yield Estimate history

  • *Planet Labs’ HR daily imagery is available with an additional subscription

Planning & Operations

  • Agri Operations and Machinery work planning
  • Warehouse and Stock Management
  • VRA Builder
  • Global CP Products Database Integration
  • Automatic Reporting: operations status, applications, harvest, alerts

Scouting & pest trap monitoring

  • Scouting Tasks (automatic and manual)
  • Scouting Map
  • Field Inspections Mobile App
  • Agri Recommendations
  • Scouting Reports Analytics
  • Pest trap monitoring and reports

R18/ha per year**

for field crops and cereals

R60/ha per year**

for potatoes, vegetables and tree crops

Planet Labs’ HR daily imagery is available with an additional subscription at R18/ha per year
*Get a 60-day free trial
**All prices are exclusive of value added tax (VAT)
*** Special fees and incentives are available for Syngenta crop protection clients (available on request)